Dentist For Children

Brisbane Children’s Dentist has been providing dental care for children since 2000. Dr. Vivienne Linnett started Brisbane Paediatric Dentistry after her Masters Degree in Paediatric Dentistry from the University of Queensland. Earlier Dr. Vivienne Linnett worked with the School Dental Service, treating kids in remote Western Queensland. Now Paediatric Dentist Brisbane provides dental care to kids in a friendly environment.

Pediatric Dentist Brisbane has a new approach to treating tooth decay. We not only just fill cavities, but also provide comprehensive medical management to treat the underlying disease so that kids can enjoy cavity free life. Paediatric Dentist Brisbane provides dental treatment program to break the tooth decay cycle. We help prevent tooth decay by combining tooth decay risk assessment, bacterial testing and comprehensive preventive techniques.

Pediatric Dentist Brisbane dental services include regular examinations, preventive treatment, pulp therapy, restorative dentistry, nutritional advice and orthodontic referral services. Examination and diagnosis of Brisbane Children’s Dentist include obtaining a detailed medical, dental and family history. Dental examination, bacterial testing, saliva testing and x-ray are also done.

Paediatric Dentist Brisbane knows that tooth decay is a chronic preventable infectious bacterial disease. Factors responsible are parents’ and child’s past decay experience, low health knowledge, incase child has special needs or medical condition, frequency of snacking on sugars, bottle use, white spots or actual cavities and oral or orthodontic appliances.

To tooth decay, there are number of preventive treatment available in Brisbane Children’s Dentist. It has been found in research that fillings alone don’t prevent further decay. Depending on the individual’s situation Dr. Linnett recommend to apply preventive treatments such as fluoride, detect changing risk status. She also provides oral health information. We also offer complete restorative treatment for life time maintenance of teeth. As recommended by Dr. Linnett our treatment include white or tooth coloured fillings for small cavities. Paediatric Dentist Brisbane offers white or tooth coloured resin crowns for front teeth with extensive decay. We provide stainless steel crowns for back teeth too badly decayed for white fillings to last.

Sometimes tooth decay causes infection in the tooth or jaw bone and it is not possible to place filling. In such case Pediatric Dentist Brisbane offer a therapy known as pulp therapy. If pulp therapy is not done than infection may damage the new tooth underneath. Pulp therapy saves the tooth possibly.

Paediatric Dentist Brisbane offers dental treatment under Sedation with Happy Gas. Happy Gas (nitrous oxide oxygen) is very safe and it is mildly anxious. Children will feel relaxed and most of the kids find Happy Gas pleasant. But Children requiring multiple painful procedures may be best treated under general anesthesia.

Brisbane Children’s Dentist better understand that children may be little nervous about their first visit to the dentist. So, we also provide information to help you get your child ready for the first visit.