Dental Assistant Requirements

If you want to start a career as a dental assistant, you must first enroll yourself in a good dental assistant training school or course in order to equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding of how the profession works and how can you better assist your patients as well. The salary of a good dental assistant generally varies depending on the state you are in. Furthermore, not every state requires a dental certification assistant exam as well. It is also important if you are already made qualified from one state and you eventually moved to another. However, it is important to check the licensing regulation of such state as well as the required qualifications and specifications on how to become a dental assistant to such state. This is because some states may require you to take some certification or exams prior to commencing on your job while some may require you to have a certification or license as a dental assistant. Furthermore, a certified dentist must supervise the dental assistant in his work all the time.

What does dental assistant training involves?

In most cases, the prospective dental assistants are required to attend a CODA accreditation training classes and at the same time get a certification as a dental assistant before working as one. Usually, these people have relevant associate degrees or have a CPR certification before getting the CODA accreditation courses. The certified dental assistant (CDA) exam usually are composed of three parts which includes radiation health and safety or RHS exam, the infection control or ICE exam and the general chair side assisting or GC exam. The examinee usually has at least five years in order to complete this certified dental exam however it can be finished in one sitting exam especially when the exam is done through computer. However, before being allowed to take the exam, you must first meet the qualifications set forth which can be an accredited qualification such as finishing associate degree or some sort or at least a two-year work related experience. It is important to seek the advice of the examiners should have other things to clarify or if you have questions regarding your requirements they set forth. Once accepted, it is important to have a good relationship with your dentist and learn how the dentist wants the task to be performed so that you will have a good and lasting work relationship. Training, accreditation and skills are not enough to make you a good dental assistant, a good working ethics and being professional towards your dentists and the patients will also reflect on your professional well-being which is also quite important.

How much does a dental assistant earn?

Those dental assistant with a newly passed dental assistant training can earn at least $20, 00o per year. However, their salary varies depending on the experience, location and the qualifications of such. But on the average, the dental assistant can earn as much as $40, 000 a year for those with more than four years of experience.