Becoming A Dentist

Normally when you are a student or a working individual and are not married, you do not have much responsibilities and do not have to do any chores at home for the family. With marriage and children comes the responsibility of ensuring their wellbeing and running around to the doctors etc to keep them well. Though many people are very scared of hospitals, it takes only a little while to get used to visiting the hospital and after a while it becomes a habit. With children of course it is the regular and frequent visits to the paediatrician that you would be exposed to. You would need to take the baby to the paediatrician first for regular routine of vaccination and monthly checkups. You should also expect that the infants will fall sick frequently when the season or the weather changes and they are exposed to cold etc. Besides catching cold and other normal fevers etc, they also tend to get colic pains etc which is a part of their growing process.

Besides the Paediatrician you would need to visit the Dentist too with your children. There are many parents who are of the opinion that children need to be taken to the Dentist after they have got their permanent teeth and not before. The fact remains that both children as well as adults need to go to the Dentist for regular checkups for maintenance of their dental health as well as to detect and prevent any abnormalities or problems that could arise in the teeth structure. Early detection helps to arrest the problem and eliminate the problem as well.

In case of children you would need to take them to a paediatric Dentist who has specialised in handling children and knows how to communicate with them. If the child happens to go through a treatment when he is very young and feels the pain, then he gets scared and remembers that all the time even when he grows up and hates going to a Dentist once he is grown up.In fact it becomes difficult to get the child to visit the Dentist if he has a serious dental problem and is suffering from pain. This is the reason why you should take your children to a well known Paediatric Dentist who is good with children and makes them feel secure.

As parents it is always better that you have a detailed discussion with the Dentist to build your awareness and draw a list of Do’s and Don’ts. The dental health of your children is dependant not only upon the quality of teeth and brushing, but also on the regular diet which they are given. The Dentist will be able to explain to you as to which kinds of foods are to be avoided for they are harmful to the teeth and contribute to caries and other gum diseases. All foods that contain sugars for example chocolates, candies as well as soft drinks and other sweets can in the long run spoil the teeth. For the sake of the dental health as well as for the overall body health, it is best to provide home cooked nutrition filled meals that include plenty of lean meat, dairy products, vegetables , greens, fruits and dry fruits.

What will help you now is to spend some time to understand facts about dental hygiene and health especially for infants and babies and draw up your own list of Things to Do. From the beginning if you focus on following the right practices and healthy practices, you can give the best gift of health to your children.