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SILVER SPRING, MD – Dr. Douglas Drewyer, Silver Spring dentist, is pleased to announce 60 years of dental care for Drewyer Family Dentistry and 29 years for himself. Dr. Douglas Drewyer’s father, Dr. Darwin Drewyer, established the practice in 1951 as a cornerstone of downtown Silver Spring. In 1961, he moved the practice to a home/office combination to not only treat his patients, but to be closer to his family.

With the move of the practice in 1961, Dr. Douglas Drewyer, dentist in Silver Spring, MD, was able to experience the dental world right at home, establishing his interest in dentistry. He essentially grew up going to the dentist every day of his life and declared his intention to become a dentist in the second grade.

“While my dad maintained his practice at our home/office, I grew interested in dentistry and never looked back. At a young age I knew just what I wanted to do, but it was not until my freshman year in dental school where I gained a newfound awe for what my Dad did. Through this I have gained the desire and ability to be rewarded every day through the relationships we establish,” said Dr. Douglas Drewyer, Silver Spring, MD dentist.

Dr. Darwin Drewyer left a legacy of community service, sportsmanship and quality healthcare in his wake. In 1995, his son, Dr. Douglas Drewyer, cosmetic dentist in Silver Spring, moved the practice to its current location, just a bit more than a mile from his personal and professional starting gate. He is grateful to continue to greet patients with over 60 years of Doctor and patient relationship together at Drewyer Family Dentistry.

With his father’s legacy in mind, Dr. Douglas Drewyer, family dentist in Silver Spring, continues to shape and guide the practice into the 21st century. Even after 29 years in dentistry, Dr. Douglas Drewyer continues to uphold the goals and traditions his father established at Drewyer Family Dentistry over the past 60 years. Patients are encouraged to join Dr. Douglas Drewyer when he “vacations” at his dental office to experience decades of experience and patient care.

About Drewyer Family Dentistry: Drewyer Family Dentistry is a family practice in the clearest sense of the word. Dr. Darwin Drewyer started the practice in 1951 and established it as a cornerstone of downtown Silver Spring until 1961, when he moved to a home/office combination in the Burnt Mills Hills subdivision in White Oak. Growing up going to the dentist every day of his life, it is no wonder that Dr. Douglas Drewyer followed in his father’s footsteps of joining the dental field. Dr. Douglas Drewyer teaches as a member of the Dean’s Faculty at the University of Maryland Dental School where is received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery in May of 1982. His practice provides an array of services to meet the continual needs of his patients, including dental prevention, veneers and dental implants.

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Dentist Tulsa

Dentist ! Does the very word makes you afraid? If so, then you need to address this to have perfect dental health. Overcoming fear of the dentist , his office and the dentist’s chair if you really want to have strong and healthy teeth. If you happen to be living in Tulsa , then you have an excellent opportunity to obtain the services of the best dentist in Tulsa. This is simple because Tulsa dentists are fully capable of doing what is required to refine and correct the dental heath of individuals. So find the best dentist in Tulsa If you are any kind of dental defects .

Dental problems can be of various types . So if you want to know exactly what type of ailment ails your tooth , the dentist is the best person who can help you out of this condition. There are many types of advanced technology equipment that are used by dentists to find out the exact cause of a dental defect. The dentist will perform several tests to determine and ascertain the exact state of your dental health. After completion of the tests , the dentist will prescribe what treatment methods should be performed to correct the condition .

You can find several dentists in your town, but if you want to experience the best treatment that will surely have to find the best dentist operating in your area. Talk to people who have undergone any dental procedure , whether aesthetic or repair is a good way to set yourself to find a good dentist in your area. These people have gone through the treatment process and are in the best position to guide you to finding the best dentist .

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While finding out everything you can about the dentist , be sure to check out the album dentist. In the album you can extract images showing the results in a person of the procedure performed . Also make sure that before you settle down for any procedure to be performed by the dentist , you have the right knowledge about the procedure.

Dental ailments affect almost everyone at some point in their life or another. So keeping your teeth clean and healthy goes a long way in preventing that they are some kind of dental problems. Feel comfortable to discuss anything regarding your oral health with your dentist. After all , the dentist is the best person to help in curing your dental problems and have to know everything about the condition you are facing.