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Dental implant is one of the popular solutions to restore missing teeth. The process involves fixing of an artificial tooth to the jawbone to fill up the space created by missing teeth. And the best thing about the treatment is that it will help you to get back your natural smile. Though most patients do not suffer any major complications after having teeth implant, some patients do experience a number of complications. Let us offer you an overview of the potential risks associated with the process just to make you aware before getting implants.

Foreign Body Rejection

The process of dental implants uses metal screw that is inserted by the dentists into the jaw bone to support the artificial tooth. Now, when the metal screw is placed into the jawbone, it is not disturbed for several months and left alone. During that phase the implant gets fused to the jawbone. Now, in case the process fails, the implant will fail to provide adequate support to the artificial tooth. And this may cause the artificial tooth to fall out of the mouth. Sometimes the body also refuses to accept the implant as a foreign body and the metal screw inserted is pushed out of the bone and gums. So, after the implant placement, it is best not to place any pressure on the area to avoid stress. If pressure is applied, it may prevent the complete healing of the implant and may also affect the strong bonding of the implant with the bone.

Damage of Nerve and Tissue

Another problem associated with this process of restoring missing tooth is damage to the tissue surrounding the implant, particularly the nerves. This generally happens due to the improper work of any inexperienced dental professional, who places the metal screw very close to a nerve. This often leads to chronic pain, numbness or tingling in the cheek, tongue, gums, chin or lips and may require removal of the implant.

Implant Failure

Another problem caused by teeth implant is failure of the process itself. Though the product is made from metal, usually titanium, sometimes the screw may break or bend. However, this is likely to happen when dental implants are made using any less durable material other than titanium.

Another potential problem related with dental implant is actually about the artificial tooth or the crown that is positioned on the top of the implant itself. Now, over time the pressures applied while chewing can wear down or crack the crown or can even detach it from the underlying implant.


Infection of the jawbone or gum surrounding the implant sometimes happens shortly after the implant has been inserted. Patients who have weak immune system or poor dental health suffer from increased risk of infection. Though infected implants are treatable, but most of the dentists prefer to remove it. It is always recommended to follow the post-treatment instruction of the dentist to avoid infection.

Allergic Reaction

Titanium alloy widely used to make implants contains traces of nickels. Now, some patients are found allergic to titanium and suffer from inflammation or itchiness.

Dental implant problems are rare, but still there always remains possibility. To reduce the risk of developing problems, it is essential to choose an experienced dental implant specialist to perform the dental implant process. Make your dentist aware of your entire medical history to allow him to consider whether you are a potential candidate of implant or not.

Dentist For Children

Brisbane Children’s Dentist has been providing dental care for children since 2000. Dr. Vivienne Linnett started Brisbane Paediatric Dentistry after her Masters Degree in Paediatric Dentistry from the University of Queensland. Earlier Dr. Vivienne Linnett worked with the School Dental Service, treating kids in remote Western Queensland. Now Paediatric Dentist Brisbane provides dental care to kids in a friendly environment.

Pediatric Dentist Brisbane has a new approach to treating tooth decay. We not only just fill cavities, but also provide comprehensive medical management to treat the underlying disease so that kids can enjoy cavity free life. Paediatric Dentist Brisbane provides dental treatment program to break the tooth decay cycle. We help prevent tooth decay by combining tooth decay risk assessment, bacterial testing and comprehensive preventive techniques.

Pediatric Dentist Brisbane dental services include regular examinations, preventive treatment, pulp therapy, restorative dentistry, nutritional advice and orthodontic referral services. Examination and diagnosis of Brisbane Children’s Dentist include obtaining a detailed medical, dental and family history. Dental examination, bacterial testing, saliva testing and x-ray are also done.

Paediatric Dentist Brisbane knows that tooth decay is a chronic preventable infectious bacterial disease. Factors responsible are parents’ and child’s past decay experience, low health knowledge, incase child has special needs or medical condition, frequency of snacking on sugars, bottle use, white spots or actual cavities and oral or orthodontic appliances.

To tooth decay, there are number of preventive treatment available in Brisbane Children’s Dentist. It has been found in research that fillings alone don’t prevent further decay. Depending on the individual’s situation Dr. Linnett recommend to apply preventive treatments such as fluoride, detect changing risk status. She also provides oral health information. We also offer complete restorative treatment for life time maintenance of teeth. As recommended by Dr. Linnett our treatment include white or tooth coloured fillings for small cavities. Paediatric Dentist Brisbane offers white or tooth coloured resin crowns for front teeth with extensive decay. We provide stainless steel crowns for back teeth too badly decayed for white fillings to last.

Sometimes tooth decay causes infection in the tooth or jaw bone and it is not possible to place filling. In such case Pediatric Dentist Brisbane offer a therapy known as pulp therapy. If pulp therapy is not done than infection may damage the new tooth underneath. Pulp therapy saves the tooth possibly.

Paediatric Dentist Brisbane offers dental treatment under Sedation with Happy Gas. Happy Gas (nitrous oxide oxygen) is very safe and it is mildly anxious. Children will feel relaxed and most of the kids find Happy Gas pleasant. But Children requiring multiple painful procedures may be best treated under general anesthesia.

Brisbane Children’s Dentist better understand that children may be little nervous about their first visit to the dentist. So, we also provide information to help you get your child ready for the first visit.

Dentist In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Dentist Helping Patients Smile

Everyone knows a stunning smile is like a calling card. First impressions are every thing. Your Colorado Springs dentist office understands that excellent oral hygiene is the first step to keeping your pearly whites looking their greatest. Seeing your dentist ever six months will help make certain that you are getting the best in oral care. Choosing a reputable dentist is an essential decision. A caring, gentle and professional Colorado Springs dentist is waiting to help you maintain your oral well being and take care of any dental problems that may arise.

Sufferers will discover that a visit to the dentist every six months for regular treatment will generally include x-rays and a cleaning. Tooth inspection checks for cavities or other damage. Dental professionals also checked the gum line as part of regular treatment. You can also ask for a demonstration on basic brushing and flossing, if it will help. An exam is the perfect time for interested people to ask about additional services. A Colorado Springs dentist will have the information to educate patients on the various options.

Several individuals avoid heading to the dentist simply because they are scared. The professionals at your Colorado Springs dentist office know all too well of this concern, and take unique measures to make the appointment as pleasant as feasible. They truly care about your concern and anxiety level. As soon as you get through the initial concern, you will find that taking care of your teeth will not only make you feel better, but it will also be a nice boost in our self esteem.

Good dentist care will afford a individual a better appearance, improved overall health, and teeth that will take care of them for a lifetime. The individuals at your Colorado Springs dentist workplace want to be a part of your dental well being, and will go the additional mile to make certain you are a happy patient. This office will educate you, along with caring for your teeth. Seeing a dentist just makes common sense, simply because in doing so, you are also taking care of your overall health.

Dental Assistance

When a person is planning to buy dental practice Bronx, it can turn out to be a tough job, but at the same time, a satisfactory one, if done correctly. The development of any career depends upon as how well a place, they can purchase for their practice. The wise decision then is to plan a proper strategy, which will be beneficial for him, so as to get the best deal. The same goes for person, belonging to every sector of work. Dentists also, come in the count. However, successful a dental practitioner might be, at a certain point of time then he might think of, shifting his practice to a different location. Then, the question might arise as to how he can buy dental practice Bronx? This should be done with, the professional help, so that he/she can derives, the maximum benefits, out of the deal. Therefore, it becomes necessary to consult a broker, so as to buy dental practice Bronx. The broker will acquaint the clients with, the best deals available, in the market, so as to buy dental practice Bronx.

The brokers assist throughout the process of buying or selling a dental practice. The Bronx dental practice brokers have been efficiently, providing assistance to many sellers, as well, as buyers to get the dental practice of their choice. These kinds of consultations include the discussion on financial matters, how to transfer the patients, if required and similar other things. They will advice only, the deals that are beneficial both, for the buyer, as well, as the seller. They also, arrange for the dental practice appraisal, if anyone wants to sell their dental practice in Bronx. Dental practice appraisal helps to estimate the value of the property to be sold or brought. This dental practice appraisal is also, necessary for the people, who want to buy dental practice Bronx, as they can get a proper idea of the place, which they are going to purchase. These processes will help the customers to arrive at a beneficial deal, to buy dental practice Bronx.

Most of the times, customers interested in buying dental practice in Bronx, will want to buy a practice that is nearer to their residence, as they might have resided in the place, for quite, a long time and they are hoping to get a good practice, there. The dental broker can easily, acquaint you such a place, as he will have all the details of the dental practices to be sold in Bronx. The size of the practice can also, be a matter of concern, for most of the customers. If it is the first attempt of the customer, he might opt for a practice, of smaller in sizes, for better management. Customers intending to buy dental practice Bronx will also be choosy about the locations that they would want to start their practice. So, before, you buy dental practice Bronx check with the specific requirements of the clients. For example, a place mostly, inhabited by the elderly people will not be a perfect location, for a pediatric dental surgeon. To buy dental practice Bronx, it is important to take care of all this points, for a profitable deal. In addition to it, it is also important to take a note of the current owners marketing strategy and the visitors coming, in each month. This can prove to be a plus point, for any dental practice.

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